Corporate Governance

We are committed to a transparent governance process that provides stakeholders with a high degree of confidence that the group is being managed ethically, within prudent risk parameters and in compliance with international best practice. The board considers sound corporate governance as pivotal to delivering responsible and sustainable growth in the interests of all stakeholders.

Board Charter

This Charter sets out the key values and principles of the Board of Directors of Liberty Kenya Holdings Plc. It provides a concise overview of the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, powers of the Board and Board committees, separation of roles between the Board and Management and the practice of the Board in respect of corporate governance matters.

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Whistle Blowing Policy

Liberty Kenya Holdings Plc, in ensuring a high ethical standard in all its business activities has established a code of ethics which set out the standard of conduct expected in the management of its businesses across the Group. Our Whistleblowing Policy provides a channel for the Group`s employees and other relevant stakeholders to raise concerns about workplace malpractices in a confidential manner.

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Board Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines the practices and rules the Company has adopted to ensure that business is conducted in accordance to the highest ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Corporate Governance Reports

Below are Corporate Governance Reports for the previous periods:

Corporate Governance Report - 2022