Corporate Social Responsibility

The objective of the Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to be the improvement of the living standards of our customers, employees, and the communities who are key stakeholders of our business. Through these stakeholders, we have been able to create a sense of involvement and ownership of the initiatives that we support that has led to customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. We continue to achieve these objectives by focusing on projects that are aligned to our CSR policy and external to the normal business activities. The projects we undertake aim to have a strong developmental agenda and with a focus of utilizing resources set aside for CSR initiatives to benefit and uplift communities.

Our CSR policy that has been approved by the Board of Directors focuses on education as a key pillar, but also incorporates other areas with the following key guiding principles:

  • Strategic relevance – concerned primarily with educational needs in the society.
  • Proportional payback – expenses incurred or resources allocated are covered by the notional value of the benefit derived of ensuring customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.
  • Substance – sufficient to make a real, measurable impact on society
  • Sustainability – projects should be sustainable to ensure the impact is felt by the intended group

In approving the above the Board carefully considered the impact of the Company’s products, services, operations and procedures, to ensure they balance the needs of all stakeholders especially our customers, shareholders, employees, and the community at large.

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